I think the cat is hungry

By Aurora McMinnar - sabato, novembre 05, 2016

Mesh Head: No. Head NOLL
Skin: No. NOLL App Pack I V.2
Hair: Unorthodox Smith Dreads - Chocolate  
Hairbase: Unorthodox Smith Hairbase- Chocolate OMEGA Applier 
Facial Hair: Unorthodox Superb Facial Hair - Noir OMEGA Applier
Vest: NOCHE. Luxury Fur Vest Pack @ SwagBag
Pants: //Ascend// Hachiro Pants  @ TMD
Shoes: //Ascend// Hachiro Pants  @ TMD

..::THOR::.. "Eightball" Ashrtay @ SwagBag
..::THOR::.. Aged Car Setee @ SwagBag
..::THOR::.. Bullitt Poster @ SwagBag
..::THOR::.. Industrial Coffee Table @ SwagBag
..::THOR::.. Magazines @ SwagBag
..::THOR::.. Man Cave Rules Sign @ SwagBag
..::THOR::.. Meowix The Cat (lying) *GIFT* @ SwagBag
..::THOR::.. Pool Balls Candles @ SwagBag
..::THOR::.. Semi-Acoustic Guitar (Juke) @ SwagBag
..::THOR::.. Taxi Driver Poster @ SwagBag
Modulus - Happy Endin' Table - Materials Ready 6LI @ SwagBag

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